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1 in 5 young adults reported vaping in the past 30 days;
63% were unaware they contained nicotine.


Forty-four percent of young adults consider vaping to be harmless and socially acceptable among their peers. In fact, the appeal of vapes is often attributed to the variety of flavors and scents which reduce the harsh taste and decrease odors. 


According to SAMHSA's Evidence-Based Resource Guide Series (2019):

  • Nearly 4.1 million high school students and 1.2 million middle school students in the United States reported using nicotine vaping devices.

  • Of those, 63% were unaware they contained nicotine as many vaping product labels underreport the nicotine level by as much as 172%.

  • 21% of 12th graders reported having used a vaping device to consume cannabis in the past year, with 4% vaping cannabis daily.

  • Youth may believe they are vaping flavors when, in fact, they are vaping nicotine or cannabis.

Vaping during adolescence can harm brain development, lead to addiction, and can cause health risks including respiratory ailments; negative impacts on attention, learning, and memory; and long-term effects remain unknown. 

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Facts Parents Need to Know & Talking to Your Kids

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"Talk.  They Hear You." Discussion Starter Video

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