Lead Poisoning Prevention 


Infant and toddlers explore the world through taste. So, they often put things in their mouths, even hazardous materials like lead paint chips. That's why lead poisoning is a serious problem among children under the age of 2.

Our community initiatives include: 

  • Spreading awareness about the dangers of lead poisoning through presentations 

  • Providing landlords with the funds they need to remove lead paint safely

  • Providing test kits to preschools 

Reach out today to access exclusive lead poisoning education resources for northern York County, ME area residents. 

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The City of Biddeford

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The City of Biddeford’s Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Program is an initiative to achieve lead-safe homes in Biddeford. The program is funded by HUD’s Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes and is offered by the City of Biddeford in partnership with Community Concepts and Coastal Healthy Communities Coalition.

As one of Maine’s oldest mill towns, Biddeford is one of five High-Risk Areas designated by the Maine Center for Disease Control (CDC) for having the greatest burden of children with lead poisoning.

There are approximately 950 children under age six living in just over 5,000 housing units within the qualifying downtown area.

To learn more about how landlords can apply for the City of Biddeford Lead Reduction Grant visit their website at www.biddefordmaine.org

What can you do to prevent childhood lead poisoning? 

Everyone plays a part in childhood lead poisoning prevention.

The City of Biddeford has partnered with us to run a Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Program. Visit the City of Biddeford website now to learn more about this community lead poisoning prevention initiative. 

The Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention offers free lead tests kits, as well as a wealth of information specifically for families, landlords, and homeowners. 

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