Store all marijuana products in a locked area, out of sight and out of reach of pets and children 


Marijuana used by people under the age of 25 directly impacts brain development, and increases the risk of ongoing problems with attention, learning, memory, and dealing with emotions. 

Marijuana produced today is stronger than it has ever been. Studies have shown that if an adolescent uses cannabis before the age of 16, and for a prolonged period,  it can lead to a number of significant health problems. 

Teen cannabisusers are more likely to become addicted to cannabis than people who start using when they are older. 


Edibles can be more potent than other kids of marijuana. The effects of marijuana can take up to four hours to peak after eating or drinking it. 

Poisoning in children is increasing with availability. It mostly happens with children 12 and younger, who accidently ingest marijuana or products containing THC. Edible products are most commonly in the form of marijuana-infused cookies, brownies, or other candies. Cookies or other food products may be indistinguishable from 'regular' foods. 

The Northern New England Poison Center reports a rise in the number of patients under 6 years old treated at Maine Medical Center for marijuana-related poisonings from 2013-2015. They also report more marijuana poisonings among all age groups across Maine from 2013-2017, with the biggest rise in children 0-5 years old. Common symptoms of marijuana poisoning are excessive sleepiness, dizziness, and trouble walking. 

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